Rubber bellows

Looking for standard bellows or customized bellows?

Damaskus Maskinskydd have one of Sweden’s largest stocks of rubber bellows, with over 400 different standard rubber bellows, and if we don’t have the bellows you are looking for, it’s often possible for us to customize our stocked rubber bellows to your requirements. We don’t publish a list of standard bellows so that we don’t limit your choice of bellows. Instead, we recommend that you fill in the measurements your application requires on the design specifications form below, and we will sort out bellows to suit your needs. Customized rubber bellows have a supply time of about one (1) week and we have no requirements for quantities, so you can order just one if you want to. Customized rubber bellows are best suited to prototypes and small series.

For larger volumes/series, we produce tools to manufacture customer-specific rubber bellows. If you want us to stock up for call-offs and shorten your lead times, we have plenty of warehouse space for you.

Download our design specifications form and fill in your dimensions.

>> Design specifications form – Rubber bellows (pdf)

You can read more about the different materials we use for our rubber bellows and a list of the different sizes of hose clamps we supply so you can attach your bellows in the best way.

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