Conduflex and Stabiflex

Conduflex and Stabiflex

Conduflex is a conduit for cables that is very flexible and safe. It is connected with aluminium flanges and can move freely in the air as long as it has one fixed point. This type of cable chain covers the cable completely.

Click on the link below to download the data sheet for Conduflex.

>> Conduflex (pdf)

Stabiflex is both stable and flexible thanks to its construction: connected narrow steel bands. The steel bands make Stabiflex partly self-supporting and only flexible in one direction. Depending on the context in which the Stabiflex is going to be used, the steel bands are joined using thermoplastic adhesive or rivet joints. This type of cable chain is easy to install, and the hose/cable is laid loosely inside. For it to operate properly, no more than 90% of the inside space should be taken up by the hose or cable. This model comes with several different connecting flanges.

Click on the link below to download the data sheet for Stabiflex.
>> Stabiflex (pdf)

We stock a number of sizes of Stabiflex. Contact us for more information.