PEI Group S.r.l.

Damaskus Maskinskydd is an official distributor in Sweden for Italian machine protection manufacturer PEI Group S.r.l.

PEI is a leading manufacturer of machine protection for moving part applications and has been active since 1980.

PEI has seven manufacturing units, located in Italy, Serbia and Brazil. In total these units employ around 420 people.

To remain at the very forefront of product development and the production of bellows, folded way covers, apron covers, roll-up covers and telescopic steel covers, they invest more than 4 per cent of their turnover in research and development.

Among those mentioned above, bellows are the biggest product group and besides the standard cylindrical bellows, which can be supplied in a variety of materials, they also manufacture train and bus bellows. These are the characteristic accordion like bellows that you see between the sections of an articulated bus, or between train carriages.

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X-Y shield av PEI

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