Bellow configurator

Create your own bellows in 3D CAD

Now you can create 3D CAD files for your unique bellows directly on our website. Fill in the dimensions of the bellows required by your application in our bellows configurator and save the 3D CAD file for use in your drawing of your application.
If you want a quotation for the bellows, e-mail the drawing to us. You can order bellows from us in any quantity required.

We have a bellows configurator for each type of attachment, so below are the three different types available. Click on respective image to proceed to the bellows configurator for the exact type of attachment you need.

Download the file in five easy steps:
1: Fill in the bellows dimensions required by your application.
2: Select the drawing format from the drop-down list.
3: Click on “CAD-file”.
4: Wait for the CAD file to be created. When the progress bar reaches 100%, it is finished.
5: Click on the CAD icon to save the file.

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