A wiper is a type of seal that prevents dirt, moisture, filings/shavings or other foreign particles from being drawn into the machinery. Wipers are usually divided into two categories, namely Way wipers and Telescopic wipers.

Way wipers

These are usually unique for the machine and can be either linear or die-cast. We produce wipers to suit your existing machines or for new machines. Send us a drawing of the wiper, or the actual wiper itself, and we will prepare documentation for you.

We have produced many wipers for machine types such as Traub, Okuma, Mazak, STAMA, DMG, Mori Seiki, SMT, Heller, Hüller Hille, and others. Below we present some lists to download about wipers for different types of machines, where we stock the majority for immediate delivery.

>> Okuma wiper (pdf)

>> Traub wiper (pdf)

>> Hüller Hille wiper (pdf)

Way wipers

Telescopic wipers

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