Filter for compressors

To increase the life time of your compressor.

Velum Air has a thicker fabric but lower porosity and is designed to ensure better air flow and prevent overheating.
It is ideal for compressors, cooling systems and heat exchangers.

Velum Air catches dust and dirt in his knitted fabric and ensures the normal input of fresh air inside the machine.

Control for its replacement is visual: when the protective filter Velum Air is completely covered by dirt, it must be replaced.

Velum Air is easy to apply and provides an efficient way to protect industrial machines of all kinds:
simply write down the date of replacement and name of the operator who carried out the replacement.

With this system you will avoid omissions, downtime or failures caused by the replacement of internal filters,
and the clogging of compressors, cooling systems and heat exchangers.

Available in 5 sizes:
600 mm – 500 mm – 400 mm – 300 mm – 200 mm

Each roll includes 60 filters.

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