Folded covers

Folded covers are always unique for each machine type.

Folded covers/protective bellows are always adapted to each machine and we always guarantee the highest quality and fast delivery times.

Folded covers/protective bellows, or accordion covers as they are also called, can be placed horizontally, vertically, and intersecting. These covers mainly protect tracks, linear guides, rail guides or ball roller screws against dust, filings and grindings, emulsions or other particles. You can also order folded way covers with stainless steel lamellas. In applications subject to very high temperatures or metal filings, the lamellas on the bellows protect the folded way cover itself, resulting in a longer life.

The attachment options are many and we will customise to your requirements. Usually the cover is screwed on, but can also be attached with Velcro.

Our product data sheet, which you can access via the link below, presents a variety of models as well as a range of material options for your specific application. Unfortunatley we only have it in Swedish for the moment. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

>> Product data sheet – Folded way covers (pdf)

Download our design specifications form via the link below and fill in your dimensions, and send us an e-mail about the type of linear guide cover you need and we will produce a drawing for you. Or maybe you want to replace an old and broken cover? Send us your old cover and we will measure it up for you and send you a quote.

We have made folded way covers for a variety of machine types including Okuma, Mazak, Brother, Hermle, Blohm, Niigata, Heller, Studer, EWAG, STAMA and many more. It’s always worthwhile checking with us if we already have drawings for the covers for your particular machine.

>> Design specifications form – Folded way covers (pdf)

Bellows that protect around lift tables and prevent debris from coming in under the table, but also act as protection against pinch points for workers in assembly lines for example. Also known as lift table skirts. This cover protects on four sides and has specially welded corners. Please refer to the link below to find out more about lift table bellows/skirts.

All of our folded way covers are manufactured by the Italian P.E.I. Group, a leading manufacturer of machine protection.

Folded way covers

Folded cover with steel lamellas

Folded cover for high temperatures

Folded cover with steel lamellas on all sides

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