Rotoclear C2

The camera system Rotoclear C2 is a part of Industry 4.0

The Rotoclear C2 is the world’s leading camera system for machine interiors. It was specially developed for the extremely harsh conditions inside cutting machines and is impressively robust and durable.

The self-cleaning Rotoclear C2 cameras produces 4K resolution – even under the toughest conditions. The intelligent control unit has HDMI, USB, and Ethernet connections and utilizes TCP/IP and RTSP protocols to provide all the interfaces the user needs to conveniently stream, save, and share image data. The smart software also supports intuitive camera control and zoom functions.

When configuring your setup, you can choose between camera heads with different focus ranges, depending on the application. Focus at close range, 200-500 mm, or focus at far range, 500-6.000 mm.

As the cameras can be mounted directly on the tool spindle, with the help of AI the Rotoclear C2 could detect the condition of the tool thus indicating when a tool replacement is due. All in line with Industry 4.0.

Read more under the product information sheet below.

>>> Product data sheet Rotoclear Camera (pdf)


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