Rotoclear S3

The Rotoclear S3 create clear insights into your machining processes where you would otherwise be unable to see through liquids or particles.

The option of continuous visual monitoring makes start-up much easier, faster, safer and more efficient. A clear view of your processes also allows you to minimize scrap costs, while the Rotoclear S3 significantly reduces the amount of time-consuming cleaning required. The patented drive concept of the Rotoclear S3 also ensures very short maintenance times, as the rotor can be replaced in no time at all if necessary.

Installation dimensions
The Rotoclear S3 is 33.5 mm thick. However, you should allow at least 34 mm of space at the inner edge of the window so that the viewing window does not collide with anything when the machine door is opened.

Connection media
The Rotoclear S3 requires power and sealing air for operation.
Power 24 V DC (16–28 V)
Sealing air 2–5 mbar

To read more: download the data sheet in link below:

>>>Rotoclear S3 (pdf)


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