WaveSky covers

WaveSky is a bellows cover that acts as a ‘sky’ in a larger portal milling machine.

WaveSky is a bellows cover that prevents steam, liquid, dust and grindings from escaping out of the milling area. The bellows reduces the suction power generated during processing, so that carbon fibre, composite materials, as well as vaporized refrigerant or cutting fluid cannot escape outside the machine.

The special transparent fabric in the bellows ensures good light in the working area. The bellows are also motor-driven, so that the cover can easily and quickly he opened and closed when loading material via, for example, overhead travelling cranes.

Recently, WaveSky covers have also been used over vats in a galvanizing process, to prevent the fluid from the process escaping from the vat itself.

Technical specifications:

  • Maximum speed: 90 metres/minute
  • Maximum acceleration: 1G
  • Maximum width between guides: 8,000 mm
  • Maximum stroke length: 25,000 mm
  • Standard fold depth: 200 / 250 / 300 mm

WaveSky for a portal milling machine

WaveSky for a galvanizing process

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