Roll-up covers

Our roll-up covers are the best option when a surface needs protection close to moving parts and there is limited space.

Avoid damage to sensitive machine parts from oils, cooling water, metal filings and sparks from welding. Roll-up covers also function well as personal protection where machines have moving parts, such as lift tables.

We manufacture roll-up covers in widths from 50 mm to 3000 mm. Depending on the application environment, these covers are manufactured with or without canisters. We also choose the fabric for the band based on the application environment in which the roll-up cover will operate. We always produce roll-up covers based on your needs.

Roll-up covers are available in both spring loaded and motorised models.

In applications with harsh environments, we recommend apron cover material rather than fabric for the band of the roll-up cover.

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>> Damaskus – roll-up cover inquiry form (pdf)

Roll-up covers for lifting tables

Mixed roll-up covers

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