Replacement kit for Visiport

How to replace your old Visiport.

Visiport spinning windows for machine tools are now no longer available. However, this is not a problem for you. You can now easily replace your old Visiport with the premier technology from the self-cleaning spinning window sector — the Rotoclear S3.

You do not have to exchange your machine window to replace the spinning window. You can mount the Rotoclear S3 right on your old Visiport flange or our adhesive flange using our Visiport replacement kits.

We generally recommend using sealing air to guarantee that the Rotoclear S3 is completely sealed (Rotoclear seal guarantee). However, this technological leader in the field of self-cleaning spinning windows can also be used without sealing air, depending on the application. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

A complete data sheet of how to replace your Visiport are available for download below.

>>> Replacement kit for Visiport (pdf)

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