About us

About us

Damaskus Maskinskydd has been in business since 1956, and has been focused on machine protective covers since 1980.

Our product range consists of mechanical protective components for machine tools and for workplace safety, as well as OEM components. We manufacture, sell and refurbish machine protective covers to our customer’s specifications.

Our aim is for Damaskus Maskinskydd to be the obvious choice when purchasing machine protective covers for the customer’s machine tools and other machinery and applications.

The company is headed by President and CEO Peter Almqvist, whose vision for the company is to be the most attractive workplace in the Municipality of Haninge.

Vi är ett kreditvärdigt företag enligt Bisnodes värderingssystem som baserar sig på en mängd olika beslutsregler. Denna uppgift är alltid aktuell, informationen uppdateras dagligen via Bisnodes databas.