Filter for Motors

Velum MOTOR is the solution designed to protect electric motors.

Velum Motor is the perfect solution for the protection of electric motors.
Thanks to the patented system with reusable polypropylene support, this filter can be easily applied with a magnet
and a normal O-Ring (included in the package).
This polyester filter Velum Motor can be easily applied on the fan of any kind of electric motor, and has many advantages:

• it protects precious investments such as machinery and equipment
• it protects the life of the engine and avoids the spreading of suspended particles
• it reduces maintenance costs
• no downtime thanks to easy application and replacement
• it protects worker’s health. Fans in the engines keep the air moving. If the air contains harmful particles, the fan moves contaminated air which is then inhaled by the workers
• the visual control allows you to change the filter regularly so as to always ensure adequate air flow.

Available in 8 diameters:

300 mm – 260 mm – 230 mm – 200 mm – 175 mm – 150 mm – 120 mm – 100 mm
Each package includes mounting brackets, O-ring & 12 filters.

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