Moulded rubber parts

We supply all types of moulded rubber parts in small to medium series.

Damaskus Maskinskydd moulds various types of rubber materials and polyurethane and we collaborate with production facilities primarily in Spain and Italy. Our main expertise lies in customized rubber parts for industry, where our customers are found in all types of segments. We mould most kinds of parts, and in addition to bellows that are our real area of expertise, the most common products requested are membranes, silencers, suction cups and rubber and polyurethane wheels. Many of these items also include metal parts moulded into the rubber. Over the years, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge in moulding rubber that we are happy to share with you.

We produce these kinds of parts mainly in small- to medium-sized series. With our knowledgeable engineers and tool makers, we design and solve most of the problems you might encounter.

Please read more about the different materials used via the links below.

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