Rotoclear gives insights in sight!

The innovative products from Rotoclear all have one thing in common: They give you a continuously clear view of the inside of machine tools, right where the view is usually obstructed by liquids and particles during machining processes.

How do they work? The self-cleaning windows and robust camera systems feature a rapidly rotating shatterproof disc that uses centrifugal force to continuously fling droplets and chips outwards.
The constantly clear view not only allows you to monitor your processes easily in real time, but it also enables you to visually identify the causes of possible problems and even prevent potential errors before they occur.

The two main Rotoclear solutions complement each other and are often used in a combined manner:

1. The Rotoclear S3 is the first self-cleaning spinning window to offer an unobstructed view without irritating bars getting in the way.

2. The Rotoclear C2 camera system gives users valuable new perspectives in 4K resolution. The cameras can even be mounted directly on the tool spindle and is a part of Industry 4.0!

Rotoclear have also developed a replacement kit for Visiport, so you will be able to use the spinning window without replaceing all parts.

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