Industrial brushes

Industrial brushes

No gap is too large or too small for Damaskus industrial brushes. The dimensions are adapted to your requirements and these brushes are easily fitted using standard hand tools. All you need to know is the dimensions of the part to be protected. You then simply cut the brush to the desired length and shortly thereafter it’s ready to use. Sounds simple? It really is.

It’s important to select a material with the right properties. These brushes need to withstand friction and frequent use. The standard material used in Damaskus industrial brushes is nylon. It provides good durability and flexibility. It’s also easy to handle and install, is difficult to penetrate and wears well. Nylon is heat-tolerant and has good air, dust and moisture resisting properties for example.

The long life of industrial brushes makes them an extremely economical alternative. The simplicity of the product means that service costs are also kept to a minimum. In addition, these brushes are gentle, protecting and extending the life of your application.

We stock a number of sizes for immediate delivery.

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