Telescopic steel covers

We manufacture, modify, customise and refurbish all types of telescopic steel covers.

Telescopic steel covers provide the optimum protection for the beds of machine tools of all kinds. Our different models provide reliable protection and:

  • Personal injury and accidents
  • Hot chips and emulsions damage precision controls
  • Prevent mechanical damage when tools are dropped.

They also extend the life of the machine and give it a more attractive appearance.

We provide a large number of different types of telescopic steel covers. Our partner PEI Group S.r.l. Have supplied telescopic steel covers to machine manufacturers worldwide. And of course we can adapt these covers entirely to your needs, dimensions and specifications. With us, you get a customised solution that best suits your needs.

A popular model is our steel folded way cover. Its principal benefits are long durability, efficiency and safety. The sheet pocket or guillotine model also it is also known, is a different type that is used for the Y-axis in many vertical multi-operation machines. Their speed is their most outstanding feature, at 150 metres per minute and an acceleration ability of 2G. Our sheet pocket telescopic steel covers are customised to your machines and come complete with easily mounted self-supporting frames and runners.

Repair of telescopic steel covers – extend their lives

Don’t let old telescopic steel covers stop your machinery. We know how expensive production stoppages are, and so we repair and deliver your telescopic steel covers quickly. Repairing protective covers also extends their life and is significantly less expensive than buying new ones.

Telescopic cover, internal parts

Telescopic cover with scissors for high speed

Telescopic cover in a machine tool

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