Robust bellows

Robust bellows are mainly used in applications in harsher environments.

Harsh environments for bellows can be environments with high temperatures, very dirty environments, and where shavings and grindings and welding sparks occur, etc. Robust bellows feature high tear resistance, high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and very good temperature characteristics and thus have a longer life. These properties mean that our bellows provide reliable protection for your machinery.

With the variety of materials available, our robust bellows are well suited to harsh environments with high temperatures and exposure to chemical and mechanical stresses. And they are manufactured for your unique application and can be manufactured to accommodate a very long stroke.

Our robust bellows can even be delivered in a format that can be opened, with either zip closure, Velcro® or buttons. These bellows can also be reinforced with internal or external stiffeners, and with internal bushes.

Download our design specifications form and fill in your dimensions.

>> Design specifications form – Robust bellows with flanges (pdf)

>> Design specifications form – Robust bellows with necks (pdf)

You can read more about the different materials available for robust bellows and also see our list of hose clamps for attaching your robust bellows to your machine.

Material properties

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